Today, more than ever, we’re committed to continuing Anita’s fight to empower women and girls all over the world. Equality benefits the whole of society. When women have equal rights and education, it’s better for everyone. These guiding principles are our north star, and our pledge to future generations.
We will be outspoken activists with the desire to fight for the equality of rights and opportunities between genders to empower women and girls.
We will shed light and to educate on the issues that really matter for equal rights and opportunities.
We will use our platform to amplify feminist leaders, voices and the movement, and celebrate those working towards a more equal and fair world.
We will create products and experiences that send a message of self-love and body acceptance and reject beauty standards.

Our Community Fair Trade programme has helped us take our fight for female equality global. Through our partnerships, we provide a fair price and market access to artisans and producers around the world - many of them in rural communities with limited employment opportunities. Our trade has helped the women we employ to find stable incomes, independence and the respect they deserve, as well as helping fund community projects that have included promoting girls’ education and equal pay.


We’ve sourced Community Fair Trade shea butter from Tungteiya Women’s Association in northern Ghana since 1994. 640 women from 11 villages handcraft shea butter using an 18-stage process of traditional techniques, passed from mother to daughter for generations.

Receiving a fair price is providing an independent income for the women, and also helping to empower them through increased confidence and respect in their community. We also pay a premium price to help fund community projects that positively impact the lives of 49,000 people across 11 villages in the wider community. Long-term investment has enabled the community to build 7 schools that educate approximately 1,200 students every year, and provide access to safe water and healthcare facilities.


Our Community Fair Trade handcrafted paper and gift packaging is sustainably sourced from Get Paper Industry in Kathmandu, Nepal.

We’re really proud to have worked with GPI since 1989. They employ more women than men and pay them a fair, equal wage, making sure they receive equal benefits. They’ve also pioneered social projects to benefit the whole community around Bansbari. They helped send children from the poorest families to school, and raised education levels for girls through their ‘Send Your Daughters to School’ campaign and scholarships.

In recent years, GPI have pioneered initiatives to raise awareness of human trafficking through facilitating girls’ groups in local villages. They’re now also using their voice on a wider scale, by organising nationwide school essay competitions on the topic of human trafficking.

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